Ten Reasons I Love Baby Wearing

Baby-wearing. Wearing my baby. I love it! It’s something I did from Zachy’s very earliest days (after I realised that he was NOT the type of baby happy to be put down AT ALL!)

At first it was for the convenience with him, and then it was for the pleasure. I loved keeping him close, and as he grew, I found the benefits of wearing him grew too (crawling-baby containment, anyone?)

Alas, he grew into a fully-fledged terror tot and outright rejected his carrier in favour of RUNNING EVERYWHERE by around 20 months.

I missed having a little baby to wear…so I had another one!

I’ve worn Millie from the outset. To say it has saved my sanity is probably an understatement. It just gives me the flexibility at home and out and about to be on top of my game with two tiny ones!

Here are some of the other reasons why I love baby wearing.

#1 Multitasking Awesomeness  

Well, wow, my hands are basically essential to help me to do anything and everything right now. Gone are the days of happily languishing on the sofa as I feed a cooing little baby. Because that said baby grew into a little boy. And a busy little boy at that! Multitasking between my two babies helps to keep our ground on even keel (I don’t always succeed, mind you!)

#2 It Keeps Her Close

I love keeping Millie close to me and knowing she is safe. If we’re out and about in busy areas, it allows her to feel safe and secure too. I also love to have her highly-kissable head within reach so I can breathe her in – I just can’t get enough of that baby smell!

#3 It Keeps Her Happy

Millie is not one to be put down for long periods of time (though she is better than Zachy ever was). Simply carrying her with me as I complete daily tasks such as preparing breakfast, loading the washing machine, hanging the washing, going for short walks (with the crazy one safely strapped in his stroller) helps to keep her happy and content. It also calms periods of crying within minutes!

#4 She Sleeps Longer

Millie is a pretty good sleeper. A good sleeper in that she will go down and sleep in her cot. The only problem is that Zachy tends to wake her with his over-eager will to play and shout. She is often prematurely woken right now, and this disrupts her overall sleep cycle (which isn’t great for anyone’s sanity!) If I can see she’s been given a bad morning, popping her in the carrier helps soothe her and allows her to have a longer quality nap to help reset the day.

#5 It Counts As Tummy-Time

If any of you saw this video of my busy little Zachy during our morning with Luxe Carriers, you might understand why I’m a little apprehensive to give Millie much time on the floor…I’m basically terrified she’s going to get jumped on! She’s definitely had WAY less tummy-time than Zachy ever did, but she is developing incredibly since she is able to build her muscle strength when being worn upright in her carriers.

#6 It Simplifies Travelling

On our flight over, I simply popped Millie in her Boba Wrap, and let her sleep all the way. When it came to buckling her during take-off and landing, I simply slipped the belt through the wrap between her tummy and my tummy and secured her safely as per airline policy (see pics below!) Going up and down steps, waiting in passport control, waiting for baggage, etc – it’s all just so much easier than carrying her in my arms!

#7 I Can Breastfeed On The Go

Ok Millie and I are still mastering this one, but it’s a trick that Zachy and I got down to a tee when he was a baby. Often out and about with nowhere to stop (the depths of Ikea for example), I’d just simply pull down my tee-shirt, unclip my bra, and let my hungry boy have his milk. It was super discreet since carriers cover all the boobie-bits, and comfy for baby to nurse upright before either unlatching in contentment, or falling asleep.

#8 It Eases Her Reflux

One thing Millie suffers from is bad wind and a bit of reflux. Quite often she seems very uncomfortable laying down, only for a large burp or a bit of sick to come up when upright (get it all out, I say!) Through our early days of tongue tie and trapped wind, carrying her was incredibly beneficial to help keep her as comfortable as possible while overcoming her issues (we eventually opted for a tongue tie release to stop her gulping air!)

#9 She Can See Her Surroundings

At 3 months old, she is alert and inquisitive. She loves nothing more than to sit on my lap and watch her brother play. The same goes for when we’re out and about – she’ll crane her neck so she can see who is talking, what that new noise is, look up and smile at Mummy – it’s delightful! She’s taking it all in and you can almost see her learning as we go about our day to day business.

#10 It Helps My Posture

I find constantly carrying a baby in my arms wreaks havoc on my shoulders. They get tight, and I get cranky! I have a tendency to carry on my left side too, since I use my right hand to do things. Again this puts a lot of strain on one side of my back. I find simply placing Millie in her carrier helps me keep an equal upright position, and also stops me slouching as much (I’m tall, it’s a terrible habit!) Alas, my shoulders are still pretty tight from the day to day stresses of parenting littles, but it’s nothing a good massage can’t help with (husband, hint hint!)

Abbey x

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