Do In Dubai This Summer

Well, summer came around fast this year! Perhaps it’s because I spent the whole of the winter season pregnant and kinda rushing it away, but wow, where did those cooler Dubai months go?!

We’re actually heading away for the summer, back to the motherland of the UK (and the kids’ fatherland of Poland for a bit too), but in the meantime I’ve been desperately scrambling to keep Mr Two entertained. It’s been quite impossible for me to take him to the park or pool with Millie in tow in these hotter months as she is just too little. Instead we’ve been busy at home, and busy out and about where cooler air con allows!

I’ve been documenting our activities over on Instagram, but thought I’d quickly pop them in a blog post too. So here’s a little inspiration for all you parents of young kids if you’re staying for the long haul…

Arabian Wildlife Centre

Ok, I lie, this is actually Sharjah, but it’s one of the best so I’m starting with it first! The Arabian Wildlife Centre is a serious hidden gem! Housing the world’s largest collection of Arabian wildlife, it is a brilliant family day out for adults and tots alike. From cheetahs, baboons, birds, lizards, gazelle and goats, the spot forms part of the broader Breeding Centre for Endangered Arabian Wildlife. You can easily spend a good three hours watching, spotting and learning about the beautiful animals protected there. And the best part – it’s ALL INDOORS (well, for the humans at least!)

My Little Painter

I am a BIG BIG fan of this small business. As an arty kid myself, I am overjoyed to see Zachy’s little Picasso coming out (or is that Jackson Pollock or perhaps Franz Kline going by some of his creations!) You can order canvases and paints from the ‘Fun At Home’ section of the website and they’ll be delivered for you and your little ones to enjoy for those days when you’re hibernating at home.

So far Zachy and I have enjoyed decorating an “itsy bitsy spider”, a bird house to hang at our home in the UK, a shark canvas, a lego man canvas, a birdy canvas, and a mermaid canvas. He mixes all the paints together and double-dips (it really gets my OCD side racing), but it’s so awesome to see his creativity coming out. I highly recommend!

Motiongate at Dubai Parks And Resorts

We love Dubai Parks And Resorts over here. Since the arrival of summer and of Millie, however, it’s not really a place we had thought of venturing to. That was until we were invited to a rather lovely Iftar at Shrek’s ‘The Candy Apple’ restaurant within Motiongate. As we arrived I realized actually what a great place it is to enjoy over the summer, since the whole of the DreamWorks section is inside in air conditioned bliss!! We had an absolute blast enjoying the food and then trying out some rides. You can spend a good few hours there with the kiddies.

Al Qudra Lakes

Ok, this one isn’t for the faint hearted as it IS outside, but if you go early enough in the morning it’s cool enough to have a little wander and fun spotting the animals that call Al Qudra Lakes home (including what I’m quite sure is a dinosaur!!) Because it’s all accessible by car you can also do this from the comfort of your air-con with a morning coffee in hand – win!

The Green Planet

Yes, ok, I think we are possibly the last people in Dubai to visit The Green Planet, but I just wanted to say what a lovely place it is to visit with tots. Zachy LOVED the snake which he could pet (but churned my stomach), and I loved the adorable sloth! The whole place is designed to look like a tree in a rainforest and it’s incredibly fascinating to learn about all the different ecosystems which thrive there! Also, top tip, it’s two for one if you have The Entertainer. Also go during the week – we had the place all to ourselves!!


THE FLOOR IS LAVA!!! Well, not really. But really!! This awesome interactive fun zone is what happens when BBC Earth, SEGA, and well, Dubai, come together to create family entertainment! Orbi features 12 interactive zones, in which you can explore corners and animals of the earth such as the plains of Africa, ‘Frozen Mt Kenya’ (where you are immersed in its sub-zero temperatures!), Mountain Gorillas in 4D (with a surprise squirt in the face which made both my babies cry!), a journey with African Elephants, and an exploration of the deepest depths of the ocean. Perhaps a little on the pricey side (though tots are free) it’s definitely a worthwhile trip to Mirdif for a good few hours’ worth of exploration and education.

Dubai, see you in September!

Abbey x

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