Two Weeks With You, Baby-Girl


My little Millie, you’re two weeks old today. A whole two weeks since you flew into our world and stole our hearts.

You are, without a doubt, the most precious little gift. A textbook ‘perfect baby’ who (aside from your 2am – 4am party setting) feeds and sleeps like a dream, rarely cries, and is fascinated by your little world and the people in it.

The main people currently in your world are me, your Daddy, “big brother” Zachy, and Nana & Granddad. Oh and Gobi, the naughty cat (who is actually going to be boarding the plane to the UK with your Nana & Granddad in a few days…)

How Are You Doing?

In short, thriving! You were born 3.5kg, and you weighed 4.1kg at your 10 day weigh-in. You’re growing so fast! I am delighted, of course, but part of me wants to keep you tiny and perfect for longer. But I love watching your beauty develop with every passing day. From a swollen little ball with a bump on your head from an awkward delivery position (you came out sideways!) to a cute little pink-faced cherub with rosebud lips. Yes, part of me really can’t wait to see what you’ll look like as a bouncing baby in a few months’ time. Your eyes are blue, your hair is brown. You’re going to be beautiful!

You’re a cuddly baby – you love napping on me, or your Daddy (when Zachy allows), and your Nana (Granddad too, if he can steal you from Nana!) You’re also not too opposed (right now) to your cot, meaning the bedtime routine has been fairly breezy for us so far (the complete opposite when your brother was your age), which reaffirms my belief that you all come out with little personalities and preferences of your own. It’s our job as parents to get to know these preferences and work it all out from there.

How Are We Doing?

You are perfection – I do not lie when I say I have adored every single second with you. Your brother, on the other hand, is struggling a little. A lot. His attitude towards you ranges from love and interest, stroking and singing to “baby Millie”, to what I would probably describe as a seething dislike. Indeed there was a little fall-out yesterday when he threatened to throw one of his mud-kitchen pots at you while saying “I want to hit baby-sister”. It’s not been easy, he has brought me to tears a few times, but we’re hopeful he’ll settle soon.


Your Daddy adores having a gentle little daughter. He’s already expressed his panic that one day he’ll be walking you down the aisle!! He has had very limited paternity allowance from his work, which means he hasn’t been able to spend the quality time he would have liked, but he has a full month off coming up which is going to be amazing.

And your Nana & Granddad? Well, they’re just besotted!

The Next Few Weeks

Your Nana & Granddad leave this week (taking Gobi for my sanity to live at their house), Daddy will be at work, so it’ll be me, you and Zachy at home until your Babcia and Jzadja arrive at the end of May. It’s HOT in Dubai right now, reaching 40degrees on a daily basis. So aside from popping out for Zachy’s toddler sense class, and maybe an odd run around soft-play down the road, I envision we’re going to be a little house-bound. Not fun, but we’ll find a way to entertain Zachy somehow I’m sure (baking, painting, hopefully napping!!)

We fly to the UK for two months in a few short weeks. I am salivating at the idea of cool weather, greenery, old friends, and the “park” around the corner for Zachy (he thinks it’s the park…it’s actually the village pub’s beer garden – win-win!) We’re just trying to arrange your passport now so you can fly too, baby-girl!

A Few Extra Words

Well that about sums up our first two weeks together, my sweet, gentle baby. Our perfect little bubble of naps and feeds.

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t feel I had bonded with you in my tummy like I had with Zachy. My world has been so focused on your brother while you’ve been growing that I didn’t always have the time or the mental space.


I loved you the moment you were born, but there is always that strange period of “hello, new little person, who are you?” – I definitely had that the first day. I can, however, pinpoint the exact moment I fell head over heels in love with you. It was our first night in the hospital – your Daddy was watching Zachy at home, so we were alone. It was around 9pm, it was dark, and you started whimpering in your cot (those strange plastic cots they provide at hospital). I picked you up, so teeny fragile in my arms, like a tiny little bunny. You settled immediately when I popped you on my shoulder, and you just made the most sweet, beautiful little newborn sounds in my ear. Affection, I would call it.

THAT is the moment you stole my heart forever.

I love you, baby Millie. Thank you for a wonderful first two weeks. Here’s to many more…

Mummy x




One thought on “Two Weeks With You, Baby-Girl

  1. Congratulations!!!! And I look forward to the blogs on how life changes with 2! Its always great to read someone else’s experiences especially as at times I don’t feel like I have a clue and feel like calling super nanny 🙂
    Good luck with the night feeds and just enjoying your beautiful wee girl xx



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