A Little Note Of Love To Baby Girl

Hi my darling,

As I type this, your big brother and I are sat in a boat house in Abu Dhabi as your Daddy retrieves a rental car to get us back home to Dubai.

Your brother has not napped, so is in a hugely grumpy mood, kicking up a fuss each time an advert comes on YouTube interrupting his cartoon (the stresses of toddlerhood, I tell you! You’ve got it all to come!)

We’ve spent the weekend at Anantara Sir Bani Yas – a sweet little “babymoon” before your imminent arrival in around 6 weeks time! Your Daddy and I did this too when waiting for your brother – as a way for both of them to say “thank you” to me for keeping baby Zachy safe.

The same goes this time my darling, with the added notion of giving me a break since your brother – at 2.5 – likes to keep me on my toes (while all you make me want to do is lay down!)

Well, shall we just say that the trip didn’t get off to the best start… The weather was bad (typical) and we hit an awful sandstorm on the way to Abu Dhabi – it was really scary! We were due to catch a 4:00pm boat to the island, but the sat nav was saying we would arrive 4:04pm – not good!

Once in the clear your Daddy picked up speed – perhaps a little too much speed as my poor car decided to die a very sudden and unexpected death just 5 minutes from the Port (I clearly never drive that fast – he must have shocked it!!)


We were left stranded on the side of the road!! You were jumping around in my tummy, really making me need to pee, while your brother was ADAMANT he wanted to “help Daddy fix car” squirming to break free from my grasp as your poor stressed father made multiple phone calls to insurance people, tow people, and hotel people to try and get someone to help us!

Luckily the hotel sent a taxi for your brother and I, and we managed to get to the hotel’s boathouse (the same one we are now sat in). A kind soul helped your Daddy tow my dead car, and we abandoned it at the Port being advised by hotel staff that a storm was coming and that the 6pm boat was the last one for the day – we obviously hopped on!

Oh god, baby! What stress!!

We woke the next day to gale-force wind, grey skies and rain. Freak weather at the end of March for sure! The thought that the weekend had been cursed did cross my mind multiple times, and I felt awful for your Daddy – I could see the disappointment on his face.

But then watching your brother, and realizing how happy he was to be anywhere with Mummy & Daddy at all made me realize that it really didn’t matter – I, too, was just happy to have a bit of family time together in a nice location where we could just enjoy each other’s company, rather than rush around the hamster wheel like we seem to do right now!

We chilled on the terrace while your brother played cars, we had a walk around, and Zachy and Daddy spent a couple of hours at Kids Club while you and I took a little nap. There was an evening seafood brunch on that night, so I naturally took your father to get drunk and loosen his nerves, while your brother and I indulged in too much cake!!


We were rewarded fully the next day, however, as we woke up to soft sunshine, hopped into a desert vehicle, and had a fantastic safari tour around the conservation park!!!

You’ve definitely begun your descent into the world as I literally needed to pee the second I got into the car, and it only got more intense as the bumpy trip progressed! Your brother’s face was an absolute picture the whole time, and it was worth every single second! We saw giraffes, sleepy cheetahs, gazelles, deer, peacocks, eagles – all sorts! So awesome!!

We spent the rest of the day by the pool – your brother happily splashing and making friends – while you and I sat and sunbathed and swam and relaxed with Daddy.


Alas, our little babymoon together came to an end. We caught the boat back to the mainland, and your Daddy hopped in a taxi to the car rental place to get us suitable temporary transportation. As I type this your brother and I are sat waiting for the tow-truck man to arrive so we can send my dead car off to be fixed (oh dear…)

But it didn’t ruin our weekend with you – not at all. In fact I think it’ll make the weekend stand out in our memories all the more. Something to laugh about, right?

Our excitement to welcome you has always been strong, but this trip has really made your imminent arrival seem more real and more exciting than ever! You feel big and strong and I really sense that you just can’t wait to join the party! I’ve been having loads of practice contractions and have even said to your Daddy a few times that I wouldn’t be surprised if you arrived a little before your due date!

Your Daddy and I hold your brother’s “babymoon” so close in our heart because of the palpable excitement of being on the verge of welcoming him. This trip means exactly the same to us for you!

And it’s clear to me that this is just the beginning. The beginning of so much love and excitement and adventure as our lovely threesome becomes a perfect foursome with your arrival.

Something I said to your Daddy over the weekend is that as you and your brother grow bigger, I really want to take you to and show you more places. Your brother is incredibly well traveled for a toddler – but I just think there so so much to see and so many memories to make together. Yes, travel can be expensive, but you can’t put a price on that treasured time together and I can’t wait for our new adventure to begin with you!!

Zachy is so excited to welcome his baby-sister too – he kisses you and talks to you every single day. He chose these two giraffe teddies – one for him, one for you – from our trip. Something he will give you when you do decide to arrive (you are bringing him a toy garage, FYI – he wont let us forget it after I made a vague hypothetical suggestion a few weeks back!)


So for now, Zachy (who is currently emptying the potpourri from a vase) and I wait for your Daddy to come back to pick us up (with pizza apparently) before we head home and all go to sleep.

We’re ready and waiting for you, baby-girl. We all love you so much and can’t wait to hold you, kiss you and get to know the wonderful little person that I already know you are.

All the love in the world,

Mummy x x x

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