In Love With…Delicious Birthday’s By Magnolia Bakery

I never really put much thought into the importance of my birthday for my parents when I was little. As a child, it was MY birthday after all. A day of excitement, wholly centered on me. How wonderful!

No, I really didn’t come to understand the importance of a child’s birthday, until I became a parent myself…

On August 6th, 2014 – the day of my first child’s birth – suddenly the real meaning and magic of a “birthday” became clear to me! Yes, it’s a spectacularly special time for any child – particularly when they come to have an understanding about their big day. But it’s a very special day for parents too…

It a day that symbolizes love, happiness, and a celebration of life.

If you’re anything like me then, you enjoy making these days special. We had a full-blown celebration with all family and friends, a BBQ and a bouncy castle for my son’s 1st birthday (he, naturally, had NO idea what was going on, but thoroughly enjoyed the chocolate hedgehog cake that my sister baked). His 2nd birthday was a much lower-key affair, equating to me, my husband, him and the cat.

Both were equally special in their very own way.

Following on from my previous post about Magnolia Bakery’s rather sweet, delicious, and typically charming baby shower offerings then, I’ve recently discovered the magic of Magnolia Bakery’s beautiful birthday offerings!


With something to suit all tastes, colour preferences, and themes, to me Magnolia Bakery is one of the best places you can go to ensure your little one’s birthday gets off without a hitch (a hitch in the flavor department at least!)

Popping down with my own little sugar monster recently, we salivated over the range of sweet flavours on offer at the store in Dubai Festival City. Chatting the Chef Chaminda, he explained to us the range of customization options available – from cupcakes, to giant tiered cakes, to cheesecakes – almost anything goes!


He then skillfully demonstrated how he goes about creating some of Magnolia Bakery’s famous icing cakes – check out this timelapse video we filmed if you haven’t already. It amazing to see the precision in action!

So whether you’re set to be celebrating a 1st birthday, a 21st birthday or beyond, why not pop down and see what the chefs can create for you!

It’s my birthday next in the family…perhaps I’d like the confetti cake?! Though on second thoughts, I’d also love the excuse to devour the Magnolia Bakery cheesecakes by the dozen!

Abbey x


Magnolia Bakery is located in Bloomingdales, The Dubai Mall, Dubai Festival City Mall, and The Galleria on Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi. For inquiries and price quotations for birthday catering, please contact your preferred outlet (details available here).

P.s. Hop over to The Son And The Moon Facebook and Instagram pages for some fun photos over the coming weeks.


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