Eight Lesser Known Facts About Pregnancy – According To Me!

Yep. We all know that pregnancy is a “beautiful time” in a woman’s life. The growing baby within you. The feeling of being completely at one with nature. The, uh, “glow” (I don’t glow). And of course your little darling’s impressive capability to kick you square in the bladder at the most inappropriate of times (namely, when there are no toilets nearby…)

Yes, pregnancy is a joy indeed. The female body is incredible (an actual fact). But did you know these interesting facts about pregnancy too? Here are eight lesser known facts about this joyous time…according to me!

It’s So Boring!

I quite like the latter stages of pregnancy, but honestly, it is so boring! I am bored of being pregnant and tired and snappy and being told I can’t do this and I can’t do that. I can’t lick cake batter. I can’t drink. I have a toddler – I sometimes really really want (ok, need) to drink! I can’t go out for a meal (well, I can, but its sooooo uncomfortable). I can’t go on a rollercoaster (don’t want to). I can’t skydive (I don’t want to do that either, but hey, should the whim be there). I can’t touch my toes. I can’t stay up past 9pm (I literally can’t, I am so knackered!)

Pregnancy is BORING!

Heavy Lady Lumps

Sometimes I don’t know what is heavier – my baby bump or my boobs! They are so supersized right now that very few of my bras fit, and I know they’re only going to get BIGGER and HEAVIER! Oh my, hello Baywatch! Add to that the fact that they are very sensitive, but all my weaned toddler suddenly wants to do is snuggle his face in and fondle them, and it makes not such a great pairing. Don’t worry though, husband knows it’d be CERTAIN DEATH if he even DARED!

Daddy Bump…

Speaking of hubbie, his baby-bump is growing marvelously too! We had a good laugh (well, I did) when he gained more weight than I did first time around. He hasn’t gained quite as much this time…to which he pointed out that he “never lost the baby weight” like I did after our first! (I didn’t laugh hysterically at all, poor guy!) So yes, if you were wondering, sympathy pregnancy is REAL… (oh and the fact I no longer force him to go for a jog with me).

Children Stare

I never noticed this first time around, so maybe it’s because I am at the park or generally around kids more often now with my son, but…children do stare! They look at my bump, then my face, then back to my bump with quizzical curiosity. It’s quite funny – I wonder what they’re thinking?! Probably exactly the same as what my son likes to loudly declare in public – “Mama got a FAT TUMMY!!”

People Like To Walk Into You

I don’t know, perhaps it’s that I am just bigger so I am easier to walk into, but people are just COMPLETELY OBLIVIOUS! It’s like I am wearing a sumo suit that they just want to have a quick bounce-off! Either way, supermarkets are a death-trap, and I completely refuse to frequent anywhere busier than the local kiddies’ park right now. Stay away from me and my poor bump! (Coz if I don’t flatten you with my additional weight and buoyancy, my husband and his marvelous bump certainly will!)

The Turtle Effect

For sure this probably falls under the “better known” facts about pregnancy. But, turtle. I am an inverted turtle! Who knew removing tummy muscles would have such a huge impact on a human’s overall capability, grace…and dignity? It’s actually quite hilarious, aside from the fact I need to somehow turtle myself up around 5-7 times in the night to go pee. I find the roll and swing maneuver quite effective. Any movement or maneuver after a big meal though (aside from the obvious physical heaving)? Nah, forget it!

Shrek Feet

Oh, this is certainly one of the more joyous facts. By around week 30, your feet will resemble giant puffy ogre feet – except they’re not green, they’re red. And gross. And you can’t bend down to touch them. I don’t think you’d want to anyway! Oh, they hurt too, like you’ve hiked 20 miles up a mountain…carrying rocks on your belly. “That’s a sure feat” you think…WELL THAT IS WHAT CLIMBING THE STAIRS FEELS LIKE!!!

Painful Ribs!

This is the worst!! Why does no one tell you about this! My back is in agony, but MY RIBS! Why do my ribs hurt? It’s like a burning sensation that only gets worse after I have eaten – the stretching I guess. To make it more terrible, they FEEL WORSE when I sit down. The only option is walking of laying down (the latter being my obvious choice). RIBS – WHY?!

Abbey x

So I think that covers it (in my case at least!) But what crazy lesser known facts about pregnancy would you throw in there? I hear pregnancy makes some people eat coal… It was my Mum who told me she enjoyed sniffing dishcloths!!? No coal or dishcloths in my diet, but I do enjoy a good sniff at the petrol station…


(Me, 32 weeks…I should probably add a total disregard of fashion or style to the list above! Comfort, comfort, comfort is what keeps me going!)

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