In Love With…Heavenly Tasty Organics


I’m very selective with the brands I decide to write about on this blog.

As it’s grown over the last year, so have the “review” opportunities. It’s something which excited me at first, but really just annoys me now when I have marketers asking me to write “XYZ” about their product on my site, for free, irrespective of the effort it takes me.

I know I’m being a grumpy pregnant grouch, but it doesn’t interest me. It sucks my time. And I know it certainly doesn’t interest you lot. I know that, because I made some mistakes along the way in the early days.

I now therefore vet every opportunity that comes along, and have vowed that if I work with brands, it’s because I genuinely love them and want to share their story with you lovely lot.

One such brand (and one that I have fallen head over heels in love with) is Heavenly Tasty Organics.

“Oh, brill yet another “Organic” brand for kids that’s probably not ACTUALLY that healthy?!” I hear you decry!

Well yes, and no. No about the unhealthy part at least.

I confess that I fell slightly in love with Heavenly as soon as I saw the packaging. It’s fresh, bright, and looks healthy. Clever branding? Yes! But most importantly, what it contains is healthy too.

Using only 100% natural, organic ingredients, the brand believes whole-heartedly that chemicals and fertilisers do not belong in children’s foods. TOO RIGHT!

Something I have always struggled with as a mother is packing healthy snacks on-the-go. I know I should be more organised and wash, peel and chop cucumber sticks that my son will then refuse to eat. But I’m not. Having something that is not only long-lasting (aka can sit in my bag for weeks before an emergency snack-session is called for), but healthy for my little boy too is a complete lifesaver. The Crispy Veggie Waffles are a particular favourite of both mine and his (aka I steal them from him! A lot!)


“Ok great, but that doesn’t mean the foods are not packed with sugar, right?”

Actually, there is some great news on this front! Heavenly has just become one of the first baby & toddler snacking companies to be certified by the pioneering lower sugar movement, Sugarwise.


Well, striving to raise awareness around the childhood obesity epidemic, with more than one in five children overweight or obese when they start primary school, Sugarwise is helping parents identify what is low in sugar for their children to consume. And following in-depth analysis by Cambridge University and Caltech scientists, Heavenly’s healthy low sugar snacks were found to meet the strict standards of the Sugarwise certification regarding quality and free sugar content. As such, all Heavenly baby & toddler snacks will now bear the Sugarwise logo to help parents identify it as a low-sugar brand. Brilliant!


On our grocery store visits, I pick up so much “healthy” food, only to find it packed to the brim with sugar, that I find it’s all just a bit exasperating sometimes. Who and what can you trust? As a Mum of a very VERY active two-year-old who frequently blames his behavior on the level of sugar in food, this is honestly music to my ears.

As a healthy, organic, easy-to-carry snack brand then, something else that I really love about Heavenly is the sheer variety of foods for the little munchkins. Designed with weaning babies in mind, right through the toddler years (and beyond, if you wish), the variety of flavours and textures available to explore is great!

As mentioned above, we really love the Crispy Veggie Waffles – they probably come top spot. A close second, however, would have to be the Coconut Squishies. Coming in a variety of flavours (Mango, Pineapple, Strawberry, etc), these fruit blends are squished with coconut milk and offer 1 of the 5 portions of recommended daily fruit & veg. My son LOVES these! Loves them! To the extent there are often a few tears over them when he realizes my bag is empty and needs a restock. As they’re so easy to consume too, it’s a range that I will definitely call upon when it comes to weaning baby number two too!


Another favourite is the Mini Italian Breadsticks (particularly the Rosemary flavour). While not as easy to shove in my bag and carry around for long periods of time, I find these to be great snacks for at home where I can quickly whip them out and pop them in a bowl while a bit of afternoon play is enjoyed.


Similarly, the Happy Halo Bites are something which are great for snacking on at home. They look very similar to a certain sugar-loaded cereal, but wonderfully, they’re not. Coming in both apple and banana flavour, the bites are made from the ancient organic grains – buckwheat and amaranth – and blended with natural organic fruits. Nothing is added, not even sugar or salt!


Founded in Ireland by Shauna McCarney-Blair after she started creating healthy, organic snacks at home for her two children, Heavenly is now a multi-market brand which keeps family values close to its core.

Heavenly is available across supermarkets including Tesco, Waitrose, Morrisons and Boots in the UK, and Spinneys and Lulu in Dubai.

For more information on Heavenly Tasty Organics, please visits the website: or follow them on Facebook & Instagram.


Abbey x

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One thought on “In Love With…Heavenly Tasty Organics

  1. I’m one of those parents who, like you say, are organized and wash, peel and chop cucumber sticks that my child may refuse to eat later. However, there are times when I myself need to fall back on packaged products and selecting the ‘best of the best’ can be a real challenge. The amount of sugar, salt, additives and preservatives are appalling to say the least, and often force me to take the hard way out. You make a compelling argument here and I’m happy to check out their range, hoping that they have something for children in the age bracket of 6 years and up.

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