In Love With… Beautiful Baby Showers by Magnolia Bakery

I didn’t discover the magic of Magnolia Bakery until I moved to the UAE… (it seems, like most things, it has not made its way up to good old Yorkshire yet!) I do, however, remember the day I first experienced the deliciousness of this American-style bakery quite vividly…

It was a few years ago and I was sat in my client’s office in Abu Dhabi. It was going to be a long meeting, so the client had kindly brought back a pot of Banana Pudding for everyone following his lunchtime jaunt to the Mall.

“Thanks! I’ll save it for later” I, as a body conscious young professional replied to him (where did those days go?!)

“No! You MUST try it now” he replied, while my colleagues spoke up in protest too.

Alright then, I decided to give it a taste…not quite sure what all the fuss was about.

Oh. My. Golly. Bananas!

It was BANANA HEAVEN! I devoured the whole pot within minutes. I was pudding HOOKED!

I later took my husband to a Dubai branch to allow him to experience the magic (oh, his eyes at the sight of the cheesecakes!) And then my Mum, who LOVES bananas. In fact, each time she visits now, we have to make a special visit to a Magnolia Bakery café (aka “The Banana Pudding shop”) to get her a healthy fix.

I just love visiting the cafés too. The pastel colour of the interiors are always so calming. I also adore viewing the whimsical array of cupcakes, the mouth-wateringly delectable cheesecakes, and the colourful giant tiered cakes that the talented bakers create before your very eyes. How fun it must be to be a skilled cake baker!

To me, Magnolia Bakery is just a wonderful place to visit when in need of a dose of delicious butter icing with my coffee (my mouth is literally watering as I type this, I should probably stop, oops!)

So, as a Mama of one with a new babe on the way, I was incredibly excited to hear about Magnolia Bakery’s new catering offerings for baby showers. I mean, how absolutely perfect! What a better way to celebrate one of life’s sweetest moments – a new baby – than with your closest friends and a selection of the finest cakes money can buy?

Whether you’re having a baby boy, a baby girl, or keeping it a big surprise, the talented bakers at Magnolia Bakery can craft and decorate in any colour you desire to ensure you have the perfect palette to match the theme of your shower. With a selection of delicious cakes on offer for personalisation, along with cupcakes, cookies, cheesecakes, puddings, pies and more, there is certainly something to suit all tastes (and pregnancy cravings) too!

So, what are we having? A BABY GIRL! I’m not really one for the whole “gender-neutral” trend that seems to be sweeping society (I literally can’t keep my son away from cars and diggers in the toy shops, so clearly neither is he), but I do adore these lovely ‘confetti’ baby shower cupcakes. With a taste for anything sour right now I just love the lemon Magnolia Bakery cheesecakes too. Cheque please!

Which is your favourite treat, and when did you first discover the magic of Magnolia Bakery?

Abbey x

Magnolia Bakery is located in Bloomingdales, The Dubai Mall, Dubai Festival City Mall, and The Galleria on Al Maryah Island, Abu Dhabi. For inquiries and price quotations for baby shower catering, please contact your preferred outlet (details available here).

P.s. Hop over to The Son And The Moon Facebook and Instagram pages for some fun photos and exclusive Magnolia Bakery competitions over the coming weeks.


9 thoughts on “In Love With… Beautiful Baby Showers by Magnolia Bakery

  1. That cake looks absolutely amazing, I’m really jealous that we don’t have one anywhere near where I live. To be honest I love sweet things and almost any cake, lemon cake is my favourite at the moment, I like the tangyness.


  2. I’m even further north than Yorkshire, in the good old North East, so the good news of Magnolia Bakery hasn’t made it up this far either! I love your description of all the delightful goodies though, and your images too. Your baby shower is going to be divine!


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