My Joy And Reservation At Having A Baby Girl

We’re having a baby girl!

If you didn’t catch our gender unveil video, then you can find it here (it’s cute, give it a watch for Zachy alone…)

It’s just starting to sink in I’d say. To be honest, it was with a bit of shock and awe when my doctor said “ah, there, that definitely looks to me like a girl!” during our last scan.

We had wanted a girl (my husband particularly), and we had even chosen a name! But at the same time, I don’t think I ever really believed it was a girl. I don’t know why. I guess I always fantasized about having two boys and a girl in that order. The thought of having another mini-Zachy just filled me with so much warmth that I think I really really wanted a boy too!

But a girl. A GIRL! How wonderful!

So wonderful, in fact, I’ve found it quite hard to get my head around.

I am delighted, of course. But at the same time if I am honest, I think I am worried too.

The reason – I think – is that I believe I am a good “boy-Mummy”. I was always a real “tomboy” growing up. I was the first girl grandchild in my family, so always looked up to my boy cousins. My mum’s friends all seemed to have sons too, meaning my play-dates were generally with boys. I honestly don’t recall having my first real girl-friend until I turned three when my childhood best friend moved across the street!

So be it early nurture, or just my general nature (I’ve always been such a Daddy’s-girl too), I’ve always just felt at ease with male friends. Of course I have my close group of my female lovelies too, but I certainly don’t have a wide group of girly-friends. I’ve never been on a “girls’ holiday”. I don’t recall the last time I went on a “girls’ night out…” Yes, I love to get dressed up and look nice. I like a little pamper and I look after my appearance. But to be honest, I am just NOT a girly girl!

And I think that is why I am a little worried…

What if baby girl comes out loving princesses and sparkle? What if I am not the good “girl-Mummy” like I am the good “boy-Mummy”? What if I can’t do her hair all pretty? What if I don’t fit in with the other fellow girl-Mummies at school? What if I can’t talk boys, and lipstick and fashion when she is a teenager?

What if we have nothing in common?! What if she hates me!

…But then, what if I am being completely and utterly ridiculous too?

My husband is a real man-man, but I don’t see him worrying about having a daughter and being a good Daddy to her. In fact he was quite tickled when we came across a stall selling mermaid tails when out for breakfast the other week “Sure I’ll buy her one…if she ever wants a mermaid tail!” He’s also thrilled to bits to be able to browse the “pink aisle” in Mothercare and other baby shops.

So why am I worrying? If genetics has anything to do with it, she’ll probably come out a bit of a tomboy like me too, right? She’ll love her boysy-brother and all his rough and tumble games. She’ll love her Daddy and his motorbike, and treat him like a hero, just like I did with my Daddy growing up. And she’ll adore her Mummy. Because I am her Mummy! Pure and simple.

It shouldn’t really matter how girly I am, or whether I know my Primark from my Prada (I do…) It shouldn’t matter that I like action movies, and know how to snowboard and ride a dirt bike. It shouldn’t matter than my best friend is her Daddy…

Because she’ll love me no matter what.

And I know for damn sure that I’ll love her with every inch of my being, regardless of whether she is into Barbie or Battleships, Care Bears or cars.

I’m not a girly-girl for sure. But I am a girl, and that has never stopped me being a good Mummy to a boy. So why in the hell would it ever stop me being a good Mummy to my beautiful daughter?

It won’t. Ever. And I am so very excited to meet her!

Abbey x


My darling x

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4 thoughts on “My Joy And Reservation At Having A Baby Girl

  1. I totally get this! I felt the same about having a boy the first time around – I’m very much a girly girl, and just couldn’t picture myself with a boy. But as it turns out, I’m a pretty great mum to a boy – I couldn’t love him more and he seems pretty attached to me too 🙂 But when it comes to our second, I struggle to see myself with a little girl – mostly because I think we picture them to be a little carbon copy of our first, but of course, they’ll be their own person. Huge congratulations – you’ll be a fabulous girl mummy!

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  2. I love your blog! As a first time mom, I really appreciate your honest and insightful posts. At one point, you mentionned that your nausea was so bad that you took some medication. When I read that, I almost cried because I related to your situation so much and it just felt so relieving to know I wasn’t alone. Also, I’m away from my family as well so it’s so refreshing hearing how you deal with the distance. Can I ask you a question? Right now my little one, 3 weeks old today, is very gassy. Do you have any experience with that? Any suggestions? My midwife tells me to just ride it out but my little one is getting very irritated and I hate seeing her like grunt in pain. Plus, she went from multiple BM to only 1 so far today. Any suggestions would be helpful. Also, what’s your favourite baby carrier? Thank you!

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    1. Hi Debra thank you so much much! It’s always lovely to hear when people can relate to my posts! For the gas, gosh, I am no expert and I think your midwife is perhaps right – they do get super gassy as it’s their digestion developing. My son had it, but not for too long, perhaps until around 5-6 weeks? I blamed myself eating foods giving him gas, but I think they’ll get it regardless so try not to stress too much. Lots of back pats too hehe 🙂 As for baby carriers, I had the Boba Carrier and Boba wrap – loved them both, but the carrier was way easier to slip out and pop baby in – he lived in it for a good six months and always preferred it to his pram 🙂 x


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