My Casual #MumStyle

I’ve never been a fashionista…

In fact the word “fashionista” itself scares the hell out of me. It conjures up a world of judgmental pressure to be constantly “on trend”. It is a world I quite simply cannot keep up with.

That’s not to say, however, that I don’t like clothes and looking nice. Oh, I absolutely do! But the thing is that since having my son, my favourite clothes largely include pyjamas since I rarely (never lol) go out on the razz any more.

My daytime clothes are comfy, and also tend to be highly flexible since I am usually chasing or clinging onto a toddler for dear life.

I know, slummy mummy, right? Ah, wrong!

Something I have enjoyed doing over recent months is documenting my #MumStyle on Instagram. I love following the hashtag to see what other Mummies wear (check out @dresslikeamum for some really fun outfits).

I’ve found this to be a real confidence boost and its spurred me on to prove that you really don’t need to spend a fortune on clothes to look nice. You don’t need to be “on trend” all the time to feel good. And most importantly, that us Mamas don’t give up the privilege of “looking good” once we pop out a baby or two. If anything, I feel I look nicer now than in my pre-baby days, simply because I feel happy in my life and I am comfortable in my skin.

So here are a few of my favourite pictures that I have posted over the months. Its something I definitely intend to keep up, particularly now that I’ll have a baby bump to flaunt again very soon! You can find me over on Instagram at @sonandthemoon. Do drop by and say hello, and get involved in the #MumStyle hashtag too!

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A bright, bright, sunshiny day ☀️

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You just can’t go wrong with simple denim shorts (Gap) and a white top (O’Neill). Also, a side note that I look happy and healthy here, but taken only a week ago the truth is that I was feeling so so ill with pregnancy nausea that I only managed about 10 minutes by the sea before asking my husband to take me home (much to Zachy’s distress). I am not much fun at the moment, but nice pictures help me feel better.

Date night style from last month. The beautiful boots are from JDWilliams. Check out the full collection here.

Crazy stripy dress (not actually so crazy, the camera did something strange) and the ultimate #MumStyle shoes – Converse! (A toddler also makes a pretty good accessory…)

Did somebody say PINEAPPLE DRESS? I basically lived in this over the summer. So fun, so fruity, so easy to wear. Check out similar styles from JDWilliams women’s collection here.

Floaty boho skirt and white tank top (plus matching toddler in what I call his “Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas” shirt!)

My favourite easy-wear dress (Gap)

Stripes, stripes, stripes! (Paired perfectly with a grumpy toddler)

I just love floaty skirts!

And pretty vintage tea-dresses

But not forgetting “Saturday morning #MumStyle” in my husband’s t-shirt that I wore to bed, and shorts twice the age of the tot!

“Sod-it weekend #MumStyle” is also one of my favourites!

Back to the simple shorts and casual t-shirt for keeping up with the tot!

Uber-tight skinny jeans are off the list for a while now that I am pregnant again! But these will be my aspiration jeans mid-next year!

I can’t not mention my favourite small business in Dubai, Shoeq!

And just because I am ecstatically excited to be heading back to the UK for a full month at Christmas, where we will no doubt don our matching yellow raincoats again 🙂

Abbey x

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