Sure We Can Have Another Baby…But You Have To Catch Me First



I’m pregnant!!!

Absolutely elated, obviously. Sick as a pig, naturally (I really really hate the first trimester). And shocked, generally, that it happened so fast.

Yes, after months of talking about it (I recall THIS post that made many of you laugh), we actually decided to start trying to have another baby around Zachy’s 2nd birthday at the start of August.

We decided to keep it casual. No counting ovulation days, no monkey business when we weren’t in the mood. Just a relaxed go with the flow mantra of “when it happens it happens”. My husband bet it would happen fast, but my joking reply was “sure we can have another baby…but you have to catch me first”.

Well…he caught me! Fast! (the gloating git…)

I am still a bit shocked that it happened straight away, but to my happy reasoning I think this baby just really wants to join the party. I think after all the talk of having another baby, he/she wasn’t really ready to wait much longer. Cherub!

So that’s it! We’re due on May 7th 2017. Zachy arrived on his EXACT due date, so, you know, no pressure to the little one, but I expect similar precision and already told my parents to book their flights… (joking).

The little guy doesn’t really understand what’s going on. We’ve told him and asked him if he would like a baby (his reply, multiple times “no”), so that’s fine. I remember not wanting my sister either. But I’m excited to see him grow into a big brother – I think his protective streak will well and truly come out, and both hubbie and I are so excited to become a family of four.

I’m only 9 and a bit weeks, and I know it goes against the grain a bit to announce pregnancy early, but when it comes down to it, well, I like to be honest on this blog…and I am just really bad at keeping secrets. I know people tend to keep it secret due to the risk of early miscarriage, defects, etc, but I think that if the worst did happen then I would write about it, so there is no harm is spreading our joy early.

And joy it is…kind of. I am really so excited to have a new beautiful baby, but I just need to get through the trauma of morning sickness (aka morning, afternoon, evening sickness) first. I’ll talk about it more in another post, but why why why give women this beautiful gift, only to slap them down on the bathroom floor for months? Urrgghhhh. But I guess it’s the best reason EVER to feel and look like an extra from series one of The Walking Dead. I just look at Zachy and remind myself how super worthwhile it is going to be and that is helping me get through it.

So aside from the sickness, I am happy. I am excited. I am a bit scared. But there are so many great things to come over the next few months, and I can’t wait to share it all with you!

Abbey and the mini bub x

P.s. I received a ‘Highly Commended’ award for Best Parenting Blog at the Time Out Kids Awards last week. Still a bit shocked, but so lovely to know that my writing resonates. Thank you to everyone who does indeed read and enjoy my posts, it means so much. You can find me over on Facebook and Instagram too x

Time Out Dubai Kids Awards 2016 - Highly Commended - Parent Blog


8 thoughts on “Sure We Can Have Another Baby…But You Have To Catch Me First

  1. Congratulations! On both the pregnancy and the award! Are you a member of our informed pregnancy and birth facebook group? I just posted the latest study showing once again that nausea and vomiting is more likely in a healthy, viable pregnancy (though no guarantee, of course). If it makes you feel any better. Hang in there! Xx

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