One For The Weekend – ‘Kids Brunch’ At Fume

I’ve been on the lookout for family friendly hotspots in Dubai recently. And what I mean by ‘family friendly’ is that they’re not an absolute drag for parents to visit with the tots. They’re enjoyable for all members of the family involved.

Hearing about the ‘Kids Brunch’ at Fume Eatery (Pier 7 Dubai) then, my husband and I jumped at the chance to go an enjoy a relaxed afternoon where our son could be entertained with toys, friends and as much food as he can stomach (a lot…) while we (hopefully) sat back and enjoyed a nice Saturday afternoon together.

The Kids Brunch takes place every Friday and Saturday between 12:00 – 4:00 at the popular eatery. And my gosh, popular it was! We arrived early to grab a table close to the play area (a cute little space complete with soft mats, toys and a little gate to keep them trapped safe). The venue soon filled up – kids, stylish families, friends enjoying a bite together, and a couple of birthday parties too.




At AED 30 per kid, the brunch is an absolute steal. From healthy snacks such as carrots, cucumbers, celery (I know, “yuck” as my son says) to more exciting tot food such as sausages, chips, chicken nuggets (but really really good chicken nuggets – I stole several from Zachy’s plate), mini pizza, meatballs, pasta, cookies and cakes, I was a tad jealous that I had to order from the adult’s a la carte menu…


I wasn’t too disappointed though – the menu is fab! I opted for the Hot Smoked Norwegian Salmon with Teriyaki Sauce & Pickled Cucumber, while hubbie went for the Six Hour-Smoked Beef Chunk Rib & Slaw – so so delicious. We shared a side of Smashed Potatoes With Sour Cream which was possibly my favourite dish of them all (hello carbs, I love you).

While this was happening, a Minion came out to entertain the tots. It was all a little exciting and both hubbie and I were forced by our son to take it in turns to go say hello and “dance” with the Minion. Family friendly, you see!


But it really is family friendly and we had a great time. My husband pointed out what brilliant music the venue was playing throughout with the likes of the Rolling Stones, The Clash, The Verve playing in the background. Definitely our scene.

We didn’t stay the full four hours as the sugar and lack of nap was starting to kick in. But seeing families roll in on a continuous basis, we realised that you don’t have to be so strict with the time (we’re too trained towards ‘adult brunches’ clearly), and decided to time it a a little differently when we next return. And return we certainly will. I am so so over soft-play this summer with the weekends having revolved around entertaining the little guy without much thought to our own pleasure. But what is great about the Kids Brunch is that Zachy got a great play and some nice food, while my husband and I got to actually sit and speak to each other.

Well worth it for all involved!

You can find more info on the Kids Brunch, and Fume’s other fun offering over on the website, Facebook and Instagram – #fumazing

Abbey x

Find The Son And The Moon on Facebook and Instagram.

P.s. AMAZING NEWS! I am nominated in the ‘Parenting Blog Of 2016’ category of the Time Out Dubai Kids Awards. The ceremony is on September 26 – watch this space and wish me luck! Full list of nominees here.

Time Out Dubai Kids Awards 2016 - Shortlisted - Parent Blog of 2


One thought on “One For The Weekend – ‘Kids Brunch’ At Fume

  1. Thanks for the great recommendation. It’s so hard to get a family-friendly brunch that doesn’t involve complete separation from the kids – alright when they’re older but 2 year olds still want to play but keep you in their sight!!

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