In Love With…Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair

We recently discovered the magic of Stokke. Specifically, the Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair. Indeed, you can check out Zachy and me attempting to (awesomely) assemble it here!

A What Now Chair?

The Tripp Trapp Chair is a stylish wooden high-chair that, with a variety of accessories, grows with your child from newborn to infant to toddler and beyond.

Zachy’s ‘Storm Grey’ chair at the toddler stage

Why Is It Fab?

First launched back in 1972, the Tripp Trapp Chair is not just another mod-parenting fad. It’s an intelligent, yet brilliantly simple design that has stood the test of time. Loved by parents across Scandinavia and beyond, the chair is strong, durable, and best of all – fits perfectly with your home (aka it doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb).

But Really, What’s So Great About It?

Ok, well, I’ve needed a new high chair for my son for a while now. As a now “big boy” two year old, he has spurned the joys of his “baby” chair (a plastic-tastic thing, which I personally think is brilliant), and has demanded his place on an actual chair at the table. A cream fabric chair. Yes, brilliant…

In honesty I half-expected him to treat the Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair with scorn at minimum, and complete fetid rejection at max…as toddlers so dramatically do.

Only…the exact opposite happened.

Be it age related or the fact that he is now suddenly “King” of the table with his own “big boy” chair. Be it that it actually looks really awesome and is absolutely worthy of a cool-dude two year old. Be it that it’s given him independence and allows him to climb up and down as he wishes. Or be it that he helped me put the chair together (watch the video, go on…). I do not know. BUT HE LOVES IT!

**Applause for Stokke!**

So What About You, Mummy?

Personally, I love it because he loves it. I love it because it fits under the table and actually makes my home look slightly less like a copy-paste interior of Early Learning Centre. I love it because it is easy to clean. And I love it because it’s given my son that extra bit of independence and choice when it comes to our meal time arrangements.




So, What Do You Mean By It “Grows”?

You can buy the Stokke Tripp Trapp Chair for your newborn to sit and sleep in while you’re around the house or eating at the table. And rather than changing high-chairs as they grow older, you can simply update the accessories required for the wooden frame to suit the needs of your newborn, infant, toddler and child.


OK, Sold On The Chair! What Is Stokke Then?

Stokke is a Scandinavian brand, founded in Norway in 1932. Providing worldwide distribution, Stokke is today a premium retailer of children’s furniture, accessories and clothes. Operating by their philosophy to design products that “encourage child development and to strengthen the bonds between parent and child”, the brand is highly innovative in its outlook, placing a priority on the needs and wellbeing of the child above anything else.

Where Can I Learn More?

The Stokke website is a great starting point, as is the brand’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

Stokke is retailed at Just Kidding UAE – the largest dedicated Stokke space in the world (we expect no less in Dubai, right?) located in Gold & Diamond Park.

Watch this space for another fun video too!


P.s. Here are some more great products by Stokke!

Stokke® Crusi™


Stokke® MyCarrier™ Front Carrier


Stokke® Sleepi™ Bed


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