Happy Birthday, My Darling Boy – Why It’s My Day As Much As Yours

A little note of love from Daddy x

My darling boy, as we celebrate your 2nd birthday, this little post has been on my mind for quite some time.

A few weeks back I went to the supermarket, and one event caught my attention. There was a mother with her young daughter, perhaps around 7 years old. They were in the cake aisle and the girl was clearly very frustrated, screaming at her mother “It’s MY BIRTHDAY, MY BIRTHDAY, MY BIRTHDAY. And I want a party NOW!!”

By no means do I want to shame the family…after all, you and I both know we can have our moments, especially in the supermarket, right? But the one word – ‘MY’ – really struck me. It got me thinking about something I first noticed 22 years ago when I was a lad.

It was my father’s birthday, and instead of waiting for his birthday wishes, he called my Grandma first thing in the morning to say ‘Thank you”. It really baffled me – it was HIS birthday after all, surely all the wishes should come to him first!?

Being several years older than you are now, I had a lot more understanding, so asked him why he did it. He explained to me that it’s important to be thankful to your parents, because a child’s birthday is a day for them too. Yep, I still didn’t understand!

And I didn’t understand until around 11:30am on the 6th August, 2014 – the day you were born! The beauty and miracle of your life suddenly made it so so clear.

You see, my darling, your birthday is so very special for me and for your mummy too, as it’s the day you joined us. It was, without doubt, the best day of my life!

We’ll inevitably get caught up in the thrill of the celebrations of birthdays (your mummy is currently cooking you a chocolate “digga” cake and I’ve had your presents wrapped for about a week!) And you obviously won’t understand this now, but it’s something I’ll remind you about as you get bigger and as we celebrate more birthdays together. I’ll remind you that, yes, it’s YOUR birthday, but it’s a day we celebrate together. It’s the day we celebrate becoming a family.

That is why today is as much MY day, as it is yours. And I’ll forever thank you and thank your mummy for that.

Happy birthday, my amazing, beautiful boy!

I love you so much!

Daddy x x x


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