A Child Of The World

With so much horror and so much hate, what else can we possibly do as parents but teach the importance of friendship?! I feel pretty powerless in the face of global events right now, but these words just flew out tonight…this is my stance!

I should lock the doors,

I should hide you away,

My fears of the world,

Are overwhelming today.

I should cut up your passport,

I should deny you your friends,

You’re a child of the world,

But my fear never ends.

From shootings in a nightclub,

To riots at a game,

Sociopaths for President,

Seriously, am I to blame?

I should vote UK “LEAVE!”

I should “keep them all out”!

But then what am I?

A hypocrite, no doubt!

You’re a child of the world,

And I’ve raised you that way.

I want to show you colours,

Not the evil and the grey!

But my darling,

I can’t protect you forever,

So as your Mummy,

This I endeavor…

I won’t cut up your passport

I won’t block out the light,

I’ll show you the world,

The happy, the sad, the fright!

I won’t vote to leave,

I won’t turn “them” away,

You’re a child of the world,

And baby know this – your friends are welcome to play!


By Abbey, The Son And The Moon


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