14 thoughts on “Mummy Experience: Having An Epidural

  1. I must tell you what happened when I took the epidural. For some reason, it worked on only 1 side of the body (the left side). As a result, when the contractions came, I was exactly 50% in pain as my right side could feel it all! At this point, I was asked to lie down on my right so that the epidural could spread evenly. I did, and after a while it finally worked. Just wanted to share my experience with all the readers as this is as REAL as it can get!

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  2. I had an epi for my first and didn’t for my second (not by choice). Personally, I would never want to go through childbirth again without one but what matters in the end is that perfectly beautiful little being in our arms.


  3. I had an epi as well. By choice. After three days laboring at home with several visits to the hospital I could not take it anymore. Best descision ever. After being in labor the whole night, the doc found out that my daughter was stuck in my pelvis. She could not make it by herself. So I had to be rushed to an emergency c-section. Without the epi they would have put me in full sleep. So I was able to to see my baby directly and hold her after 2 hours. I would do it again. Why should we take this unbearable pain if we do not have to? And I second your elephant legs.. Such a funny feeling 😊

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    1. I absolutely agree with you! I feel like I was even somewhat able to ‘enjoy’ the experience after the fear and panic was gone. Three days laboring!?! You a superwoman!!! X


  4. I had gas and air (terrible, made me really sick) with my first, and absolutely nothing with my second. I’d have had an epidural if I’d needed something though, as the sickness from the gas and air was awful. So if you do have another baby, you may well be able to have your ‘natural birth.’
    Your experience sounds like it was a good one overall, and I totally understand that description of the contractions!

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  5. Yes I identify with this totally; waters broke, period like pains and then I was eventually induced so contractions grew unbearable super quickly, the epidural I still feel is a sort of miracle. Like you say, I could take time to enjoy the experience. Could still feel everything just without the pain. Wonderful stuff.

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