An Ode To My Sanity: The One Baby Habit I Cannot Stand!


You can throw your food,

You can pull my hair,

You can raid the sock drawer,

I really don’t care.

You can pull up my plants,

You can wake me at night,

You can sudocrem the floor,

I couldn’t give a shi*te.

You can empty the cupboards

You can cover me in drool

You can eat the cat’s food,

I won’t lose my cool.

There is just this one habit,

Which we need to tame…


It drives Mummy INSANE!!!!!


Written by a Mummy who would rather like to wean. Seriously, do other babies feed and have a good twiddle too?? THEY’RE NOT TOYS, KIDS!!!!

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26 thoughts on “An Ode To My Sanity: The One Baby Habit I Cannot Stand!

  1. Ha ha, love this, we are in exactly the same camp, drives me CRAZY then she screams and cries if I try to stop, although today I think I fooled her while half asleep by giving her the end of my little finger to play with!! Let me know how if you figure out how to get it to stop/how to wean!!


    1. You wouldn’t imagine what relief I have knowing it is not just us lol!!! He does it to his Dad too – they’re just like little buttons he likes to press and twist. Especially mine early morning, grrrrrrr!!!


    1. Lol its so nice to know I am not alone!!! I wasn’t sure if this was a little game my son had all on his own, but it seems a fairly common baby tactic to drive Mums around the world up the wall 🙂 Good luck with the weaning! I don’t really know where to start… x


      1. Same! Except it is my first child – but 19 months and going strong. He is just SO happy when he is allowed Mummy milk that I feel mean denying it…still hoping he’ll self – wean but it’s looking doubtful x

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    1. Hehe, thnks Oliver! If it helps you understand – he has, on occasion – done it to my husband through his t-shirt! Same effect funnily enough as on me 😉


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