An Ode To My Holidaying Husband…

It’s wasn’t that I missed seeing you,
when I got home from work.
Or that I didn’t have your backup
when our toddler was going berserk.

It wasn’t that we missed you terribly
during our visits to the park.
Or the fact that I need you to lock up the house
because I am terrified of the dark!

It wasn’t that I missed your snuggles
all cosy in bed at night.
Or the fact that you’ll get up to save the cat,
when he gets in a 2am fight.

It wasn’t that our son said “Dada”
each time he saw your parked truck.
Or that fact that I had to struggle with bath time alone
with a toddler covered in muck!

No, what I missed most while you were away
was bigger than all of this you see…
What I really really missed,
was my morning cup of Yorkshire Tea!



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