Dubai’s Hidden Gem – Al Qudra Lakes

It was a few weeks ago that my husband exclaimed that he wanted to go see “Dubai’s new lakes” – I didn’t have a clue what he was talking about! But I also knew, having lived in the wonderful place that is Dubai for four years, that “new lakes’ may well have been created overnight!

So off we popped a couple of weeks ago, picnic packed and excitement simmering. But oh joy, sandstorm! Typical! We sat shivering in the back of the truck eating sandy sandwiches while trying our best to enjoy what were probably incredible surroundings, if we could have seen past the length of our arms!

“Ah, we’ll come back next week…” and so we did.

This time, with our visiting friends in tow, we set out to enjoy some lunch and a lovely bit of afternoon sunshine. Having let slip that there “might be flamingos there” we also had a very excited five year old girl, who wore her pink flamingo shorts especially for the occasion. Very very cute!

So where exactly is Al Qudra Lakes? Well, to be precise, it’s on Al Qudra Road, in the middle of the Seih Al Salam desert and Bab Al Shams. (eh?) So, to put that in expat terms, it’s about 15 minutes’ drive past Arabian Ranches, Mudon area. Stay on the same road up to Al Qudra cycle store and look for the sign that says “Oasis” and you’re there.

And what exactly is it? Al Qudra Lakes is a huge cluster of man-made lakes, which are designed in such a way that you can drive around them to explore, set up camp, relax, and watch the wildlife that has decided to settle and call the place home.



This time round we decided to drive a bit further down to find a quiet spot in the hope that we could let our little monkey run around. It was a lovely spot under a shaded tree and we had a nice time eating sandwiches and playing…until one of us inevitably got wet (three guesses who!!!)


Check out the matching shoes! (he is too young to realise I am an embarrassing mother…)


We stayed about an hour, but with the midday sun getting a little hot we decided to jump back in the truck and explore the other lakes around. Oh and also find the by-then infamous flamingos!

Driving around, you’ll see many species of birds. In fact apparently, some 130 species of birds have been spotted and recorded in Al Qudra. Now I am no bird expert, but we did spot a Mr & Mrs Swan with their four beautiful baby swans which was just delightful!


And low and behold, we also found the flamingos too! (can you see them in the background?)


So, if you’re like us and love getting outdoors while the weather allows, I would highly recommend the place. You don’t need a truck either – the tracks are well compressed to allow any type of vehicle to drive around. It’s been a great discovery and we’ll definitely be frequent explorers there.

And bonus, it’s free! Who says doing things in Dubai needs to be expensive?!


Baby Swan


Mr & Mrs Swan 🙂

Abbey x

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