How We Met Our Significant Others – A Valentine’s Special

Sized for Facebook-1407I love hearing about how couples met; the very special way in which their world’s collided to become one. With Valentine’s Day just round the corner, I therefore thought I would ask the lovely ladies at British Mums Dubai Facebook Group how they met their significant others.

Some would call it love at first sight, some would call it fate, some would call some of the stories a little something else, so do read on!

But first and foremost, here is how I managed to capture the attention of my lovely hubbie way back when…

The Charity Box Burglar

…I was 17 years old, working in the local co-op part-time while studying towards my A-Levels. We had run out of copper coins in the till that particular evening (which, for anyone who has ever worked in retail will know is a complete disaster – hell hath no fury like a Yorkshire man short-changed by 2p!)

I therefore had the clever idea to break into the charity box (!) count out the coppers and replace the amount with pound coins from the till – brilliant!

So, with my manager’s approval, stood behind the till, I jammed a screwdriver into the box to break it open…just as the most handsome man I had ever seen approached to pay for his items! He looked at me with absolute horror and disgust and said “oh, c’mon now, you can’t do that!”

Flustered and blushing like a tomato I tried to explain while attempting to serve and get rid of him.

The horror!!!!!!

But then week after week, this same handsome stranger kept coming in. It turned out he had moved up North for work and had decided to live in my quaint village of all the places in the world…

It also turned out that he had taken quite a liking to the charity box burglar from the co-op, and he later admitted to me that he had around 20 bottles of ketchup in his house as he’d visit the shop each evening in the hope that I was working so he could say hello.

Ten years later, we’re blissfully married and have a beautiful 18 month old son together ❤
So, without further ado, here are some of the lovely stories the ladies at British Mums Dubai shared with me…

Love At First Sight

“I was sat in my class on the first day of law school when this tall, dark and handsome rugby player walked in late (complete with broken nose from the weekend’s game!). All the girls in the class noticed him too! After class we all went to our predesignated lockers to put our books away and mine was in the same column as this hot guy’s, only mine was right at the top and his was right at the bottom – not great for a 6’6″ guy! I gladly offered to swap and then invited him out to join a bunch of the class for drinks. We hit it off and became friends. The next day I remember sitting at the top of the stairs and without thinking shouted down to my flat mate that I had met the man I was going to marry!! I’m not sure if it was love at first sight but somehow I knew! Three years later we got married and moved to Dubai, still can’t believe that fateful first day at school was over 11 years ago!” – Harkee, As They Grow

“I was working in a 5* hotel and there was a guy called “NASA” kept calling to speak to the general manager. Fast forward a few weeks and I was on my hands and knees in the office counting the safe when the manager came and said “I would like you to meet your new manager, Nasser”! I looked up to see my (now) hubby and I just knew we would end up together forever (apparently it was the same for him). This was November, we moved in together by Easter and we were married two years later! 19 years later and I still know we will be together forever.” – H S

Holiday Romances

“I’m Canadian. I decided to go to the Dominican Republic on spring break in March 2004. I was 20. The first day in my resort I met my hubby – we spent the entire week together. The week finished and I went home. He called to make sure I got home safely. He visited three weeks later from the UK. I flew out that July, moved to the UK that September, and we were married that May!! Complete fairytale! We are still blissfully married with two happy, healthy children. Holiday romances do work!” – A H

“I’m Canadian, my husband is British. We met at a nightclub in Vegas. We spent three days together and when we were leaving I told my best friends that he was “the one” (they all thought I was mad). Six weeks later we met in NYC for a week holiday and stayed at The Surrey hotel. I came home from that holiday and told my friends “I’m going to marry him and if we have a daughter she will be called Surrey”. We saw each other 3 more times and then I moved to London! Our daughter, Surrey is now 2.5 and her little brother is 6 months old.” – A S

“My Mum and I were on holiday in Dubai en route back from a family wedding in Oz. We didn’t know Dubai and it happened that a friend’s family (who did) were also visiting at the same time. They were meeting their friend’s son for dinner later that evening and invited us along. That evening, a bit hyper after diamond shopping, we met the son at dinner and we chatted to all night! We arranged another night out a few days later and after a year of long distance with frequent visits, I moved country, we got engaged and have now been married six years with two crazy boys!” – J O

“I’m American, and my husband is British. After Uni, he and his best mate travelled America for two months. They “accidentally” stopped in Utah when their car broke down. I was their waitress at a hotel restaurant. Of course I asked him out because of his hot accent. We then spent the summer together. When he got home, his dad asked how it went, and his best friend said “Ben’s in love”. I saved up for 6 months and moved to England to “see the world”, but after five months there we had fallen in love. After returning to America, we met halfway in Philadelphia – where he proposed! He even called my dad to ask permission, having never met him. We were married the following year, and I moved to England. We’ve been married for almost nine years and have two boys.” – V S F

Blind Dates Do Work!

“I got an email from a friend addressed to me and a random guy. My friend (who was also friends with said random guy) thought we should get together. The email basically said “you two don’t know each other but I think you’d be good together. You’ve got one week to find out as much as you can about each other. I’ll test you in a week”. I was horrified but it turned out random guy emailed me first and thus began an epic week of war and peace type emails. We told each other everything about our lives – I couldn’t wait to get home from work each night to see if I’d got another email! For two weeks I didn’t even know what he looked like until we sent a photo to each other! I was super nervous and kept threatening to kill my friend if he’d “set me up with a minger”. Eventually, we got hold of each other’s mobile numbers and progressed to texts. Then eventually I phoned him where we spoke easily for an hour. We met for dinner the day after Valentine’s Day about one month after the first email, and nine years later, random guy is now my lovely husband!” – H L C

“Somebody who worked for me set me up on a blind date with his friend (who he said I’d end up marrying!!!) We went out for dinner but I was so nervous my mouth was bone dry, so instead of eating I kept nipping to the bar for Sambuca. The next day he took me on one of his flying lessons in a light air craft…but they were performing engine failures which wasn’t good with a hangover! They had to drop me off before I was sick in his jacket!!! I could have died with embarrassment. Luckily he must have seen some good in me as we’ve been together 11 years, married for six, with three kiddos.” – E G

“I was an air traffic controller and my (now) husband was a pilot based at the airport. I fell for a voice! He could see me in the tower so knew what I looked like, but I didn’t know him. He got my number from another controller and text me one Valentine’s Day asking how I was. I had no idea that he was “Mr Voice” but agreed to go on a date – what’s the worst that could happen I thought!? Anyway, we met at the cinema. I stood by the emergency exit in case I needed to bail but when I saw him come down the escalator and heard his voice, I knew it was “Mr Voice”!!” – G G

Just Meant To Be…

“I knew who my husband was long before he knew who I was! I’d got a detention at the age of 13yrs for scratching his name on a desk at school! We were formerly introduced 4yrs later. He was dressed as Luke Skywalker and I was dressed as Jessica Rabbit (it was a fancy dress party in case you wondered!) We spent the night flirting outrageously with each other but we both had partners at the time and I was about to move to live in Ireland so nothing came of it. We kept in touch for a few years and the flirting continued but eventually life took us in separate directions and we lost contact. Fast forward another 13yrs from that fancy dress party to my niece’s christening, and who should walk in…my (now) husband! Six weeks later we moved in together and never looked back. The christening was in the same room, at the same school where I’d carved his name inside a heart on a desk all those years before!” – C D

“I met my other half a few years back in a dingy classroom when we were both studying for our diplomas. We were both engaged to other people and just had a friendly chat and exchanged names. Nothing more. A few years later we bumped into each other in a bar, both newly single. He said nothing to me, passed me a pint of bullfrog and told me to down it. I obliged and the rest is history! We didn’t hold back and now have three children and will be celebrating our four year wedding anniversary in April.” – H B

“I was on a drunken girls’ night out with friends in Abu Dhabi and got chatting to a random at the bar. Numbers swapped, commute between AD & Dubai for a while, now been married four years with a baby daughter. It turns out, not only are we born six hours apart, he grew up 20 mins away from me and went to school with my next door neighbour! It was a long way to come to meet a Salisbury boy!!!” – E W

“After spending four years at Manchester Uni, living in the same halls, sharing the same friends, yet never meeting, I met my now husband when he walked into my office in Liverpool. I was having one of those weeks and was less than welcoming…cue him thinking I was horrific! Eventually becoming friends over a shared love of peanut butter on toast, a slight case of stalking when I “followed” him to work in London, the rest is history!” – Laura, Life With Baby Kicks

The Slightly Scandalous

“He was the captain and I was the flight attendant. Met him when we both flew for BA. It was love at 38.000ft. Just couldn’t help ourselves!” – M J

“He was my bodyguard.” – L O M

…And I Just Loved These Stories!

“We met on! He ‘poked’ me, I ‘poked’ him back. Several emails and an eight hour phone call later I told him where I lived and he drove me into the countryside to walk around a lake. Luckily, he wasn’t a serial killer!” – H M

“I was working as a barmaid at my local pub, this handsome chap (now hubby) kept coming in night after night. He asked me several times if he could take me out, but I kept turning him down. This went on for about three weeks and I fancied the arse off him but just wasn’t looking for love. Anyway he persisted and I gave in and said yes! The evening came to meet him and I got cold feet, so I sent him a message cancelling (saying I had a hairdressing job and needed the cash) – it was a total lie! Anyway I was driving back from me sisters and oh bugger there he was walking down the road! I completely panicked and I crashed my car up a curb, just missing the lamp post!!!!! He saw and came running over *cringe*. We went from there to the pub and had that drink/date together after all. Nine years later and we still laugh about it!” – L L M

“I pulled a damsel in distress act to get talking to my (now) hubby. I was working at a stables and he was building behind it so I used to see him every day, but he was a bit shy! So bearing in mind I could lift a bail of straw on each shoulder, I had a little ploy…I pretended to not be able to get the straw down off the stack and he came over to help, and that was it! Five years on, new country, surprise baby, all is good.” – E J B


I would love to hear more stories so please do share below!

Abbey x

P.s. Follow me on Facebook for daily updates from life in the sandpit!


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