Ten Shameful Parenting Pleasures

Picture1Hey parents, so I think you know what I mean…the things, as parents, we really shouldn’t get pleasure or enjoyment from, but kinda secretly do.

1) Baby Only Wants Mummy

There is a secret thrill to being the favourite parent, isn’t there? It really shouldn’t feel good and you find yourself saying “aww, poor Daddy” and “go cuddle Daddy” but you secretly really enjoy it when they only want you!

2) Baby Only Wants Daddy

The tables can easily turn and suddenly you’re no longer within babe’s little circle of trust. This is a circle reserved only for Daddy, and Mummy is not welcome! But meh, whatevs, you two have fun and I’ll go enjoy a nice glass of wine and waste time browsing Facebook…

3) Playing With Toys

Who cannot admit that they have unleashed their inner-child since becoming a parent? I love playing with play-doh and toy dinosaurs. Soft-play is awesome too! Lego is too small for babies, you say? That’s ok, the Star Wars set is actually for my husband…

4) Not Having To Go Out

Don’t feel like going out? Feeling a little unsocial? Just want to sit at home in your pyjamas with a large glass of red? Just have a baby! It’s the perfect excuse for when you just can’t be arsed with people anymore!

5) Going To Bed Before 9:00

Your day starts a lot earlier as a parent, therefore you have a totally excusable reason for snuggling in bed before 9:00 pretty much any night of the week. Going to bed might just be my favourite part of the day – there, I said it!

6) Cuddles After A Bad Day

Ahhh, my favourite! What is better after a crappy day of crapness than getting home to unconditional love and affection and cuddles from your most favourite little person in the world? They can really make you feel like a million dollars…and sometimes you just need that little ego-boost!

7) Complements From Strangers

Random person: “You’re baby is so beautiful!”

Me: *big grin* “I know”

Oh I mean “Thank you so much!”

8) Moaning

Baby’s been up all night? Baby’s thrown a mammoth tantrum out in public? Baby won’t nap? You’re feeling frazzled and exhausted? It’s totally within your right to tell everyone within your immediate vicinity and just generally have a really good moan! Fellow Mummy-moaners may just be your spirit animal…

9) Eating Baby Food

Yeah, I totally steal the little guy’s food now and then. Ella’s Brocolli and Pear mush is pretty good. Farley’s Rusks taste crazily familiar, I assume from my baby days. And not technically food, but play-doh smells SO GOOD too…you can understand the temptation!

10) Friendly Competition With Other Parents

“Every baby develops at their own rate and we should not compare them.” Yeah yeah, I know, but doesn’t it feel awesome when your baby is the first to learn something new!? You’re totally raising a genius with your epic parenting skills. Well, it’s at least nice to think so sometimes…

Abbey x

P.s. I would love to know your shameful parenting pleasures! Please do share below.

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