The Very Real Struggles Of Baby Brain

**As shared by British Mums Dubai Facebook group

While at work the other day, I had what can only be described as a pretty MAJOR baby brain moment. Busily chatting away to my colleague, I got really impatient and frustrated with the kettle, exclaiming “why is this damn thing not boiling!?” only to look down and realise that not only had it boiled, but that I had already poured myself a cuppa!! My colleague looked at me like I was completely insane, but politely did not mention anything. **absolute cringe**

This, I might add, occurred after another night of minimal sleep, but I genuinely felt like I was losing the plot! I’m still cringing days later, so with the hope of making myself feel better I decided to ask my fellow Mummies at British Mums Dubai Facebook group their most notable, cringeworthy, and downright mad baby brain moments. The baby brain struggle, it seems, is very real…

*for privacy reasons, all names have been abbreviated to initials. Some of the responses have also been paraphrased. Enjoy!

1. I have actually made a cup of tea and threw the cup in the bin instead of the tea bag…which I was still holding! (N.S)

2. I cleansed my face with nail polish remover yesterday! Luckily I was stood next to the sink so I could wash it off quickly! (L.W.B)

3. My most notable mummy brain moment was opening the door to the postman with my boob still hanging out after feeding my son! Thought it was strange he was looking at the floor whilst I was signing for my package. Didn’t realise for quite a while afterwards (E.G)

4. I used to catch the metro to work every day. One day, late into my pregnancy, I drove to work (opposite end of town). At the end of my day I jumped on the metro to go home and got all the way to the front door only to realize I had left my car at work. I nearly cried. (C.R)

5. I have lost a pram after putting the kids in the car and driving off with it still in the pavement. It was a few days later that I realised my blunder when I opened the boot to get it out. (S.D)

6. I’ve actually got out of my car and walked to get the baby out of the back and forgot my hand brake…car was rolling away! (K.C)

7. I pulled and parked on our driveway, got out, unbelted my son, tried to open the door, and the key wouldn’t work, panic!!!! I started to walk around to see if I left the patio door open, only to realise it was my neighbours house! Baby back in the car, reverse, pull onto correct driveway… (A.I.K)

8. I walked over to the pool opposite my house in my underwear thinking I had put a bikini on and only realised when my husband, who was already at the pool, was like omg why have you come over in your underwear!? (It wasn’t matching either, pink hearts on my granny pants and a black bra), plus the pool was full of people giving me odd looks! Never run home so fast!!! (R.C)

9. I made my husband drive over an hour to my rescue as my car wouldn’t start and I was heavily pregnant and hot! He called a mechanic he knew and arranged to meet him at the breakdown site. When they finally got to me the mechanic lifted the hood, sat in the car, pressed the start button…nothing. He then had a second look around, pressed again and off it went. As he got out, my puzzled husband asked what had happened, the mechanic looked over at me and said with a slight grin, ‘your wife needs to put the car in park, not drive, to start the engine’ whoops! (A.I.K)

10. This happened after my first was born. She used to keep waking up very often. At one point I sat up on the bed and told my hubby to put baby in the cot. He said “baby IS in the cot.” I said “no she is not. Put her in the cot!!!!” Only then did I realise I was holding the pillow like a baby and yelling at him! (F.N.L.C)

11. On autopilot, I went to put the baby’s tommee tippee bib on my husband one afternoon when he asked me to bring him some salt. (J.J)

12. When my son was a few weeks old I had him out for a walk in the pram and someone came cooing over him and asked his name…I couldn’t remember it! So embarrassing (K.C)

13. When pregnant I went shopping at Mall of the Emirates for three hours. Went back to the car only to discover I’d left the engine running. Wondered why the radio was on when I got in…oops! (J.L)

14. I burst into tears on the phone to Du because they asked me to spell my name and I couldn’t remember how (J.G)

15. There must be more people out there who rock their shopping trolley? The amount of times I’ve got funny looks in Spinneys for soothing my cornflakes back & forth in the trolley is countless (T.D)

16. I was at the pediatrician when I started panicking as I could not see my little one anywhere and even called her name a few times as I was getting desperate…my mum looked at me like I was an alien…then I realised I had the little one in my arms…!! Even she gave me a weird look… (S.S.C)

17. I’ve put Vicks on my face instead of moisturiser as both had a green lid! (N.S)

18. My first solo shopping trip out with baby number one, I thought I should be super careful and walk around the other side of the car to double-check the green ‘you’ve fixed car seat properly’ sign had clicked on the baby seat. However, I forgot and left car keys on the seat and as I walked around the car, I heard it lock down! Frantic, I had to call 999 to get her out! A fire engine with a team full of firemen arrived within 4 minutes and had to smash a window to get her out! (H.R)

19. My first night out without baby when my son was four months old, a friend was having a leaving do in Trader Vics, Crowne Plaza. I was stood in the middle of the room in my own world when a friend took pity on me, walked up and led me to a corner. I’d been standing there completely sober rocking my bag back and forth in my arms for 40 minutes. (L.K)

And finally, one for all the Dads out there who understand the very real struggle…

20. We used to bounce our baby daughter on an exercise ball to get her to fall asleep. We had to do it so often, one of us would eat with one hand whilst bouncing with baby in other arm. One night I came down to find hubby bouncing while eating…with no baby (K.V) #DaddyBrain

Thank you to everyone who contributed – I had a great time writing this post! It really put a smile on my face to know that we’re not alone in our baby brain struggles. I would love to hear more, so if you’ve enjoyed this post and would like to share your most cringeworthy ‘Baby Brain Moment’, please do comment below. Baby brain. It’s real.

Abbey x



5 thoughts on “The Very Real Struggles Of Baby Brain

  1. Love this mommies need more humour to make light of things, because sometimes we think we are the only ones going through this stuff, be it the more serious anxieties of life to the hilariously crazy moments! Thx Abbey do more humour plz!


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