Why Dads Are The Best – A Mum’s Perspective

Today we’re celebrating my husband’s first Father’s Day. It’s a special day for both him and me, as it’s a day that we celebrate being parents. My 10 month son obviously had no idea what was going on as he sat on the bed with a little gift bag and card for his Daddy (though he was utterly delighted playing with the gift bag!). But that got me thinking about the meaning behind Father’s Day, and I came to realise that the day is not just about children bestowing love upon their Dad, but it is also a day for spouses to show how much they appreciate each other too. After an incredible 10 months of raising our first baby, and trying together to be the best parents we can, here are five reasons from this Mum’s perspective, why Dads are the best.

1) They Help You Sleep

I had a sleep-in yesterday!!! Daddy took baby boy downstairs so I could get more sleep – something I didn’t even realise until I woke with shock, bleary eyed, wondering where my son was at 8:30! Not that 8:30 is much of a sleep-in, but compared to 5:30 every morning, you get the picture! I’ve never particularly been one for long lazy sleep-ins, but I didn’t realise the sheer luxury of them until they were gone.

2) They Reassure You

From day one of finding out I was pregnant, my husband was there for me. From immediately taking the cat for a toxoplasmosis test, to holding my hair back through the 15+ weeks of pregnancy sickness, to helping me through delivery, to calming baby through the early weeks of colic, to helping me along on my breastfeeding journey, to getting me transitioned back to work, to rocking our son gently to sleep as I type this, the list is endless and my husband has been there every step the way. Dads are the rocks that keep Mums sane.

3) They’re Fun!

This is from mine and baby boy’s heart – when Daddy gets home from work, it only means one thing – playtime!! It is the most adorable thing watching them play and roll around together, and I can already see that they’re going to be the best of friends. Dad playtime also means downtime for me – as much as I join in with them, it also gives me the opportunity to get a few things done – cooking, pumping, relaxing, it is nice to take some guilt-free alone time to unwind at the end of the day, knowing my son is having lots of fun with Dad.

4) If Mum’s Not Working, Try Dad…

Like I explained in my previous blog post ‘The Daddy Phase’, my son seems to be going through a stage of favouritism towards his Dad at the moment. While it’s taken me by surprise that my old tricks for soothing our son are not a sure fire success anymore, I can rest safe assured that if baby boy won’t settle with me, Dad can take over and do the trick. Dads bring a sense of calmness to the environment. If baby senses you’re feeling frazzled and exhausted from a particularly fussy day and just won’t settle, sometimes all it needs is for Dad, with his big, comfy, calming arms, to come in and make it all better. A cuddle for baby, and cuddle for Mummy, and everything feels better. Dad cuddles are the best!

5) They Are The Bringers of Wine

If all the soothing, the extra sleep, the time out, and the smiles aren’t hitting the spot, then I’m always reassured that there will be a nice bottle of Sauvignon Blanc with Mummy’s name on it chilling in Daddy’s beer fridge!


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